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What is Merchant Navy?

THE MERCHANT NAVY essentially work in carrying passengers and cargo. It's distinct fleets composed of Cargo ships, Oil tankers, Bulk carriers, Car carriers, Container Ships etc. Merchant Navy is the backbone of world wide international trade, for carrying goods across the earth for Import & Export. Merchant Navy is the profession which gives maximum salary package. Salaries are completely tax free. It is possible to save the entire wages since the entire expense is borned by the Shipping Companies all over the world.

Career at Sea

A Sea profession is among the most rewarding professions not only with respect to facilities & earning ability, but additionally through traveling, seeing various states & meeting peoples from various countries. It develops a person according to foreign environments & with a greater understanding of the different people, their culture & way of life.

Overview of Merchant Navy

In merchant navy, major task performed through the basic areas of a ship – the deck, the engine and the saloon department. The Deck is responsible for cargo handling, mooring/unmooring and general maintenance of the ship. Similarly the engine room rating assists the engineering officers in maintenance and operation of engines and associated equipments. The saloon crew consists of steward/cooks and as the name suggests, they look after the catering and the house keeping of officer's cabin. There are thus, many career options that are available for any youngster who has dreams to join the merchant navy. The deck officers include the captain, chief officer, second officer, third officer and deck ratings. The engine department consists of the chief engineer, second engineer, third engineer, fourth engineer, electrical officer and engine ratings. The saloon department/service department manages the kitchen, laundry and other services. Jobs are available with shipping companies in India and other countries. A career in the Shipping Industry offers the chance of a unique and adventurous lifestyle packed with exciting career prospects. With the ocean as your backdrop and the most advanced and sophisticated ships in the world as your workplace, there really is nothing to comparewith a life at sea. Opportunities exist in navigation, engineering and for enthusiasticand hard working people. Once qualified you will be rewarded with generous pay and leave periods. Merchant navy fleet consist of cargo ships, container ships, barge carrying ships, tankers, bulk carriers, refrigerator ships, passenger ships as well as many others. To meet the requirement of trained man-power there is an exemplory pre-sea training at our Academy. On successful completion of the training we provide 100% placement for our candidates in foreign going vessels around the world.

Jobs in Merchant Navy

A career in Merchant Navy is challenging as well as rewarding. You lead a very different life. As a Merchant mariner you become part of an industry that touches almost 90% of the things we use, one way or another. As a part of this amazing industry you share responsibility for keeping this vital industry going and the world trade moving.

Trained Merchant Navy professionals are needed all across the globe as the Merchant Navy industry operates globally. Merchant ships operate all around the world and include Large Container Ships, Cruise Liners, Oil, Gas and Chemical tankers etc.